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In recent years, the landscape of food supply has changed quite a bit, causing a shift in food-related businesses. Indochina Organic Farming Development Center (I.O.D.) is a corporation established in Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar with partnerships with agricultural companies in Cambodia and Vietnam. I.O.D. grows and processes organic agricultural produces throughout the Indochina region. These produces are not treated with pesticides. We also develop organic farms mainly in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. We are seeking companies who are interested in purchasing our organic, non-pesticide-treated produces, as well as partners who would like to custom-order crops or are looking for farm land. I.O.D. is a licensed DDFI, which exempts us from paying tariffs on imported agricultural products in most countries. DDFIs have the additional benefit of government commitment to cooperate in resolving any issues that may arise from trading. This benefit provides a great level of comfort to our business partners. At I.O.D. we grow and process organic produces on our farms in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, and also maintain partnerships with contracted farms. We will also consider leasing out large-scale farmland to third parties. I.O.D. farm group can produce, process, and ship these products globally. We have representatives in Tokyo, Shanghai, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Please contact us for more information.


Shoji Shinoda


Indochina Organic Farming Development Center



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