Realize your agribusiness dreams through organic farming in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar in the Indochina peninsula!!

If you are looking for a challenge in agribusiness, we will provide and open up farmland that is rich in minerals. In future the business of supplying food will be challenging and full of business opportunities. 

We make, sell and process agricultural products in Indochina.

I.O.D. will cultivate it on your behalf. (Please send us your seedlings and seeds.) 

On the assumption that there will be food shortages in the near future and that there will be a food crisis, 
'Our job is to create a new society while living in symbiosis with the region. 
With people for tomorrow, with people today as well.' 

Dream Farming in Indochina

  • We provide large-scale agricultural land.  We also supply agricultural machinery and tools.Approximately 5,200ha is large enough to house 5,000 Tokyo Domes.
  • We supply experienced local farmers who are involved in agricultural production using organic farming methods.
  • We will undertake the whole process from sowing seeds, to cultivation, production, harvesting and processing.
  • Organic farm produce grown on farms that don't belong to I.O.D. can also be purchased.
  • We also support people from Indochina with farming experience to go to agriculture-related businesses in other countries for work experience.
Dream Farming In Indochina

I.O.D. Farm is looking for customers for the farm produce we harvest and for venture partners. If you are interested, please contact us. 

I.O.D. Farm is looking for people to participate in the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs as a side business.

I.O.D. will take care of the growing, harvesting, sales and management. Because a large variety of types and species of herbs will be grown, a lot of farmland will be required. Of course they must be grown organically and without agricultural chemicals, and the conditions are all very ready. The harvested herbs will be sold to countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. Contact us for more details, or to discuss this further. 


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