p30_Pepper.jpgPepper is a spice, medicinal product and food that has been produced in South East Asia for a long time, and it is said to have originated in the Indochina Peninsula. During the time of the British Empire and colonization of India and Indo China by Britain, European merchants took the pepper food culture to Europe and incorporated pepper into European food culture as a valuable spice. And it was for this wonderful spice that European countries pushed so forcefully into South East Asia with their powerful colonization strategies.

Current well-known pepper growing nations include India, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. 

There are various types of pepper, white pepper, black pepper and green pepper and depending on the purpose of using pepper in cooking, different types of pepper are used. 

Pepper from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, which chefs around the world all agree has the best flavor in the world, is fruity, aromatic and has large corns, and enhances the flavor of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes, whether Japanese, Continental, Eastern or Western and it charms people around the world.

Pepper takes from 5 to 7 years from the planting of seedlings to harvest. For this reason, for small-capital investment farmers it generates little revenue and they do not grow much of it. However, once harvesting commences, pepper can be harvested for 30 years, and it becomes a very high-earning farm product. Cambodian pepper tastes so good because of two important things, the pure agricultural chemical-free soil, which has not been farmed for a long time, and the climate suit it. 

I.O.D. Laos Farm has soil that is even better than the Cambodian soil. We have about 168ha of organic, chemical-free soil that is just right for growing pepper. How about growing the finest smelling black pepper with us? How about growing black pepper on I.O.D. Farm as a side business? You can use I.O.D.'s farmland. I.O.D. will take care of the growing, harvesting, sales and management. A 5-year plan and from 10ha to 15ha will generate a considerable income. You can also make it your main business. 

Contact us for more details, or to discuss this further. 


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