p30_Garlic.jpgHow about growing garlic in Thailand, Myanmar or Laos, the home of garlic production? 

Garlic is of course produced all around the world, but there are only small areas left where the farmland has rich soil, full of minerals. These areas are in Indochina, in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Historically, garlic was first grown and produced in Egypt, and pictures of garlic often appear in historical resources recording the history of thousands of years ago. In Japan, it is said to have come in from Korea during the Heian Period and there are many records in books about it being treasured as a medicine for people of noble birth. It is said to have become popular for use in food during the Edo Period.

Currently, garlic grown in Aomori Prefecture is plump and popular, and with regard to the unit price, a single garlic weighing 40 - 50 g currently retails for about ¥300, which is very expensive. Garlic is in demand around the world for use in food, health food and medicine. 

So there is a very great demand and production cannot keep up with it. Japan currently imports a massive volume of garlic from China. 

There is increasing demand from within China as well, and it is possible that China will have more trouble filling export orders as years go by and even now it tends to be in short supply and Japanese food makers are worrying over sourcing garlic from countries other than China. I.O.D. has joint garlic growing ventures in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Organically grown, a delicious good quality product is being produced. We want to export to world markets. We will send samples with actual expenses including the postage on a parcel to food manufacturers who are interested in buying it. 

Please contact us. 

I.O.D. Farm also has a lot of farmland available for usage, and we will undertake production ourselves as a sub-contractor and can arrange production contracts with other farmers. 

Please send us your enquiries about these schemes as well. 


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