p30_Chestnuts.jpgChestnuts grow in temperate regions and are widespread throughout Asia. From 3 to 4 years is required for trees to grow big enough for the nuts to be harvested. Chestnut trees are not so difficult to grow. However, if the temperature drops too low, they will suffer from frost damage and die in about 2 years. So that is the main thing to be careful of. Apart from that is the fact that delicious fruit attracts bugs. The main pests that attack chestnuts are the chestnut weevil (Curculio sikkimensis) and the nut fruit moth (Cydia kurokoi). The way to eradicate these pests is to fumigate the chestnuts with methyl fume. We also recommend that they be kept in cold storage. 

In planting chestnut seedlings, it is important to leave rather a large gap between trees, about 5 to 7 meters. Another good idea is to mix different kinds of chestnuts and not fill the plantation with a single species. Plant a selection of Kinka, Omine, Tanzawa, Rihei, Tsukuba and other varieties. The above cultivars are fantastic. A very important thing in growing chestnuts is the pruning of branches. Managing the harvesting, fumigation and pruning operations is hard work, and since ladders are used, there are more injuries. Using super- low-stature tree cultivation methods, yield can be doubled on a small land area and this technology is very effective for work efficiency. 

Secondly important is the soil. It must be full of minerals. And sunshine must spill over everywhere. Light must penetrate everywhere. Places fulfilling these 3 points are essential for chestnut growing. If the chestnuts are delicious, moist and large, confectioners around the world will come looking for them. The next thing is stable supply. Wonderful chestnuts can be grown in the highlands of Laos and Myanmar. 


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