Konjac Yam

p10_Konjac.jpgKonjac yams are grown on the Bolaven Plateau at a height of about 1100 meters above sea level, and located in the northwest part of Champasak Province in Southern Laos. 

The climate is comparatively cooler than other regions with a minimum temperature of 10℃ and maximum of 30 ℃, so it has the advantage of being able to grow the konjac yam regardless of whether it is the rainy season or the dry season, the soil is very good, organic fertilizer is easily obtained, there is plenty of farmland and yields are also nothing to complain about. The only thing is that this is our first experiment with growing the konjac yam and we are looking forward to the results. We are also growing taro, yams and sweet potatoes in the same area and there don't seem to be any problems. 

Konjac yam becomes the raw ingredient for a variety of konjac products and has enjoyed a rapid growth in demand in recent years as a healthy food and a diet food, and there is a shortage of supply of the raw product. With expectations of the development of new consumer markets in China, Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe and America, hopes are pinned on future production of the raw product. 
On I.O.D. Farms the konjac yam will be grown in the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos, 2 places in Thailand, Lop Buri Province and Tak Province. The scheduled farm area to be planted is 150ha in total. 

If cultivation goes steadily without a hitch, this will be expanded to 300ha. We also have our own processing plant nearby and we export it to the rest of the world as raw product for use in processed konjac products. Konjac yams can be harvested 2 years after planting. 
I.O.D. offers 3 purchasing options for companies wanting to purchase the raw product.

①Purchase konjac yams grown by I.O.D. on its own farms.
②Through I.O.D., contract local farms to cultivate and produce the product. 
③ Direct management by the company of cultivation and production on land provided by I.O.D. 

Please contact I.O.D. for further details. 


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