Aloe Vera

p10_Aloe.jpgEndemic to areas from Northern Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, some people say that the original species came from the Mediterranean Sea area. The name Aloe comes from the Arabic word 'alloeh', which means bitter. When leaves of the aloe Vera are cut, they exude a sticky juice. 

Only the flesh of aloe Vera is used, but unless you eat the slime, eating it at all would be meaningless. Aloe Vera is best raw. The flesh inside is transparent and very beautiful. This contains more than 70 natural constituents. One of these, mucoid (a poly-saccharide) is what makes it sticky. Hyaluronic acid is also a kind of mucoid and these sticky components are said to be extremely good for you whether eaten or spread on the skin. Aloe Vera contains the most of these substances. 

The components of aloe Vera are made into a wide variety of commercial products. Aloe juice, aloe yogurt, aloe-based cosmetics, aloe food products, aloe sashimi, hair tonic and so on are all very popular in China, Korea, Taiwan and countries in the Middle East. 

I.O.D. Shinoda Farm cultivates aloe Vera in southern Thailand and southern Laos. 

The area under planting and cultivation is approximately 150ha, and in farm area it is the largest production base in Indochina. 

I.O.D. offers 3 purchasing options for companies wanting to purchase the product.

① Purchase aloe Vera grown by I.O.D. on its own farms.
② Through I.O.D., contract local farms to cultivate and produce the product. 
③ Direct management by the company of cultivation and production on land provided by I.O.D. 

Please contact I.O.D. for further details. 


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