Chinese Medicinal Herbs

p30_Herbs.jpgAround the world, with a sudden demand for Chinese herbal medicine, which is gentle on the body, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain supplies of the raw materials. Demand in China itself, the great producer of Chinese medicinal herbs, is expanding rapidly and there are reports that this traditional exporter will be banning exports of the raw materials, and manufacturers of Chinese herbal medicines in all countries could possibly be directly hit by difficulty in securing supplies of raw materials. For this reason, we are looking for places to grow them in an effort to evade such risk. 

A variety of types of Chinese medicinal herbs are suited to production and cultivation in Laos, which could possibly become a major production base. For this reason I.O.D. Farm is planning to grow Chinese medicinal herbs. 

As for the herbs themselves, there are a great many different types and those listed below are but a few examples. In this sense as well the demand for Chinese medicinal herbs is spreading worldwide. 

Barrenwort (Epimedii Herba) Turmeric Cinnamon bark
Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) Rehmanniae Radix Paeoniae Radix
Clove Eucommia ulmoides Ginseng
Saposhnikoviae Radix Motherwort (Leonuri Herba) Linderae Radix
Cistanchis Herba Ginger


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